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About the re-boot camp courses

The Bridge re-boot camp comprises two specifically-designed courses with carefully thought-out programme that takes into account many of the aspects mentioned above, including yoga, meditation, fresh vegetarian food, active workshops and practical evening activities.

The first – ´reboot´ camp is designed to fill you with energy and creative ideas so that you are ready to kick start the new school year with renewed enthusiasm and vigour. Reboot course is for all teachers and will be led by Mike Shreeve. Secound course is dedicated to 21st century skills focusing on developing the teacher’s ability to manage the learning context within the reality of the modern primary school classroom. This course is for primary school teachers and will be led by Kevin Byrne.




from 1st August
to 7th August 2022


Mike is CELTA trained and a qualified coach who aims to enable students to realise some if not all their learning potential.

Mike Shreeve has taught in state schools, language schools and management academies. He has also worked in a business and professional context. The connecting principle is an interest in people and their psychology.

He has taught for the last few years in Pilgrims summer teacher training school the coaching with NLP course and teaching “difficult learners”.

He has recently been involved in a large teaching project to enhance coaching and feedback skills to Ethiopian teachers- a welcome return to a country he worked in when qualifying as a teacher. Outside of this he coaches individuals (mainly teachers, business owners and professionals) and is involved in several education projects. Until recently he has been a school governor.

Outside of professional life, Mike lives in Brighton and enjoys walking and contemplating the South Downs and is (healthily) obsessed with playing tennis.


Kev Byrne has worked as a TEFL teacher in Italy for 25 years, teaching all ages and all levels. He has worked as senior teacher and head of CPD for a number of private language schools as well as state schools.

He has been a speaking examiner (SE) for Cambridge Assessment (Starters to Flyers; A1 to C2 levels) since 1999 (but definitely prefers the teaching – and happily retired as an interlocutor in 2019). He has worked with Pilgrims Young Learners since 2000 as a teacher, AD TEFL and as an assistant academic manager. He has also worked as activities manager/photographer/trainer for Pilgrims Teacher Training.

His passions include: his three wonderful children, SLA, socializing, studying photography (BA Hons), art, Netflix, comics, short stories (also trying to learn how to write them),, and learning about learning, as well as making photography books too! He has run more than ten specialized photography groups on Flickr for over a decade.
He can also be found just staring aimlessly out into space from time to time enjoying the wind, enjoying the light, and remembering how lucky he is.

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Re-boot camp schedule

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Re-boot camp will be in the heart of Slovakia!


Zaježová - Slovakia

3 hours by car from Vienna
2 hours by car from Budapest
2.5 hours by car from Bratislava


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This is the third year of the Bridge re-boot camp and we know that we are not world famous yet. So if you have any questions about us, the camp or you would like to talk with our participants from previous camps, don´t hesitate and get in touch.

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    What have participants said about the Bridge re-boot camps?

    Margarita Kosior
    Imagine professional and personal development in the middle of green nature, refreshing yoga in the morning, teacher training sessions barefoot, and long nights with wine, discussions and reflections on the day. A totally rebooting experience; that’s what the Bridge Re-Boot Camp is about.

    Margarita Kosior
    the Bridge re-boot camp trainer 2017
    Dimistris Tzouris
    A great way to disconnect from your daily worries and reconnect with nature, among knowledge-thirsty peers and inspiring teacher trainers, with meditation and yoga sessions. Organized at an ecologically sustainable community centre, it's the reboot you need for the summer.

    Dimistris Tzouris
    the Bridge re-boot camp trainer 2017
    Juraj Streďanský
    Is your RAM overloading, your cooler overheating, are you feeling like you need a re-boot? Search no more! This is just the place for you to go to! You will find yourself in the heart of Slovakia, surrounded by nothing but mountains and fields, in company of inspiring speakers and experienced and dedicated colleagues. You will start your day with yoga, spend it eating delicious home-made cuisine and finish off with various relaxing activities after a day´s hard work. There is no better place for a fresh start!

    Juraj Streďanský
    the Bridge re-boot camp participiant 2017
    Vanda Hudáková
    Although I was the youngest participant, I was in the same boat with others and I'd never had a feeling that it wasn’t a good idea to take part in the Bridge re-boot camp. It was an amazing opportunity for me to get to know experienced teachers and trainers, to learn lessons from them and to become more confident in teaching. Everything was perfect – activities, workshops, morning yoga, vegetarian food, thai massages, beautiful nature all around, deep conversations and funny stories. I will never forget it. It is one of the best experiences and camps in my life. I am looking forward to the next year.

    Vanda Hudáková
    the Bridge re-boot camp participiant 2017

    About the organizer

    Established in Slovakia in 2009, the Bridge provides professional and high quality English language courses for students with different aims and aspirations.

    Our teachers are supportive, professional and focused on helping you to achieve your personal goals. We are committed to help you learn and improve your language skills in order to communicate with ease and confidence.

    We pride ourselves on providing quality language education, our teacher team and maintaining high levels of satisfaction of our students. We are committed to continual improvement and development.

    the Bridge stands for:
    – experience of high quality teaching
    – an outstanding reputation for excellence
    – a wide range of courses in general and professional English
    – exciting, fast-paced, and learner-centred lessons
    – modern teaching facilities with wide range of resources
    – excellent value for money

    Contact us
    Klaudia Bednárová
    director of the Bridge – English Language Centre, s.r.o.
    Baštová 7, 811 03 Bratislava, +421 917 596 154,


    Get lots of positive energy and new creative ideas to kick off your new academic year empowered and inspired.

    • Workshops that make you think & open your mind
    • Morning yoga that caresses your soul and refreshes your body
    • Food that gives your body and mind a chance to regenerate
    • Beautiful natural environment and inspiring people (
    • An international team of professional teacher trainers

    Our camp is fundable with Erasmus plus fund